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It is Important to Remove Asbestos

Is it important to remove asbestos from all homes in Cape Breton?

Yes of course it is important to have asbestos removed from your home because asbestos can cause serious health problems such as respiratory issues, cancer and other potential lung problems.

It is now crucial in Nova Scotia to ensure your home and business premises are totally free of any harmful asbestos materials.

What Are The Risk Factors of Asbestos?

Some of the risk factors from asbestos in our home or business may be as follows:

  • The length of time a family member may have been exposed to asbestos
  • The quantity of asbestos we are exposed to in our home or business
  • Whether we have other existing lung problems from smoking cigarettes, asthma, or bronchitis.

Asbestos Abatement Cape Breton

Cape Environmental Services are experts in asbestos abatement and removal in Cape Breton! Asbestos is a highly toxic fibrous substance and many older buildings in our Cape Breton area still contain this contaminated material.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is actually a fibrous material that was used years ago to insulate buildings and homes.

It was a common practice to install asbestos around the early to mid 1900’s in most homes in Canada right up until about the mid 1990’s.

Since that time we have learned that asbestos can cause real serious health issues because of the fibres that tend to get released and filtered into the air in our homes.

Once this was discovered, the practice of installing asbestos was stopped and now it is illegal to install asbestos in home, building or industrial locations. In fact all and any asbestos must now be removed according to the home building laws in Canada.

So What Do You Do If You Suspect Asbestos in Your Home?

If you notice or suspect asbestos in your home or start having any lung or medical issues, the first thing to check out is the presence of asbestos.

Having a professional asbestos removal company come in and remove any asbestos or vermiculite is crucial to the health of you and your family.

By prolonging the removal of asbestos for any homes in Cape Breton can lead to serious lung issues. Do not hesitate in contacting a the asbestos removal pros in Cape Breton –

Do not attempt to crawl into the attic to check out the asbestos yourself! Call professional asbestos abatement services today to being the removal of asbestos any any other harmful substances that may be present in your home or business.

Cape Breton Environmental Services will work to remove asbestos from attics, drywall, baseboards, flooring, ceiling tiles most other areas where asbestos is usually found in your home or business property.

Where is Asbestos Found?

Asbestos can be found in such household materials like insulation, plaster, textured ceilings, flooring, ducts and register vents, and roofing shingles.

If you buy a home or business and start to suspect that you may in fact have asbestos present, then try to avoid disturbing the asbestos and call an asbestos abatement company to remove it professionally.

Cape Breton Environmental will make plans to begin the asbestos abatement plan for any properties you own in Cape Breton. Our environmental removal techs are trained professionals who are qualified to conduct onsite inspections, contain the affected property, and remove any asbestos materials to ensure that your home is totally safe from any harmful asbestos.

How is Asbestos Safely Removed?

The asbestos material is safely removed from your home and placed in poly bags that get sealed and removed from the property. Professional air scrubbing machines with HEPA filtration systems are used to clean the physical home and air throughout the entire property.

Cape Breton Environmental Services offer the most affordable environmental pricing in Cape Breton for asbestos removal / vermiculite removal, and any other dangerous materials removal in Cape Breton.

asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal Services

No one is quite sure if their older house contains asbestos so contact a qualified asbestos removal services company in Cape Breton today to get your environmental assessment.

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Learn More About Asbestos Removal Services in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Environmental Remediation Services offers residential, commercial, and industrial asbestos removal and other environmental services in Cape Breton.

asbestos removal services Cape Breton

These environmental remediation services are focused on the removal or repair of multiple types of asbestos, mold removal/ remediation, lead paint removal/disposal, florescent light/PCB containing ballast removal/disposal, and HEPA vacuuming of structural components (High Dust).

Cape Environmental Services in Cape Breton has experienced in all facets of hazardous material remediation, including renovations, alterations, additions, demolitions, etc.

Contact Cape Environmental Services today to discuss your next home or business remediation project including asbestos removal, mold removal or environmental cleanups of any kind – (902) 574-1229

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